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Like most good stories, ours began with bread.

Bread dough, really.

Each of us had independently discovered the lure of sourdough. Eventually, our shared love of it brought us to the same table. We met at that table regularly, sharing stories over glutenous bounties. Our dough lent well to delicious pizza crusts, and soon, we were making more pizzas than loaves. We laughed and argued over whose pizzas were best and, as time went by, it was harder to tell. We noticed that the pickier we were about the quality of our flour and toppings, the better each slice became. Our pizzas took on a life of their own.
When we made the decision to share them with our community, we knew we would be doing things differently. Our commitment to using the finest ingredients is unwavering. The best flavors come from the freshest foods, and fresh means local whenever possible. We believe something as delicious as pizza can be nourishing to the body when the right ingredients are used, and nourishing to the land when the right producers are selected. We aim for both.

We're an eclectic mix of professionals, students, parents, farmers, and more. We share a passion for creative artisanal pizza, uncompromising ingredients, and hearty laughter.



The heart of our operation is our fiery, hand-crafted hearth.

And we mean really fiery. 

Our oven was built by Stefano Ferrara, a third-generation craftsman building authentic Neapolitan pizza ovens in Naples, Italy. Using Old World techniques, this beauty was handcrafted brick by brick.


Weighing in at 6000 pounds, our wood-fired hearth easily reaches 900F degrees — the perfect temperature for a classic Neapolitan pizza. We're currently burning local birch, oak, and eucalyptus wood to transform our dough and fire roast our vegetables.

The oven was originally purchased by Anthony Mangieri of the famed Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco in 2010. We purchased it from him when he moved his restaurant back to New York. Here at the West St. Market, we fondly refer to our oven as "Grandmother."


We promise you she makes pies you'll never forget.



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